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Holiday shoppers are expected to spend an unprecedented amount of money on retail apps this year. Optimizing your mobile strategy is more crucial than ever, but you may be confused about where to start. However, we have good news: Shopgate's marketing elves have written a free guide that introduces you to our holiday mobile strategy.
First, you'll meet the shopper personas we find most useful in planning for holiday acquisition and engagement. Second, you'll learn about how to maximize your Shopgate app features to convert all four types of shoppers. Learn how to make merry with the marketing tools you already love, including:
  • How to execute timely push campaigns
  • How to modernize your paper advertising, store displays, and more with AdScanner
  • How to make your social messaging more merry, compelling, and urgent than ever
  • And so much more!
Most importantly, you'll learn how to retain your holiday shoppers and keep them coming back for more after the holiday rush. Retention is truly the most lucrative gift of the season for retailers, and the app's most powerful tool for your brand.
Start 2019 strong with this comprehensive guide!