Originally aired on Wednesday, October 11th, 12-12:45 PM CT

New Webinar: The App Marketing Playbook

Where most savvy retailers have adopted a mobile optimized website, the most forward-thinking and strategic retailers have moved into the app space.

Of course, once you've launched your app, the question then becomes, "Now what?" In our latest webinar, we'll review our most promising app marketing strategies, from initial launch, to to re-engagement, to post-purchase messaging, to success measurment, and everything in between.

During the live session, we'll discuss the three-pronged approach to effective app marketing:

  • Acquisition - Exposing customers and potential customers to your app, through paid and organic channels, leading to the initial download
  • Engagement + Retention - After the download, driving app usage through a variety of means that make opening, using and buying from the app irresistible, and maintaining the user to maximize the initial acquisition investment.
  • Measuring Success - The tools, benchmarks and KPIs you need to understand how your app is performing, how and where to improve, and how you're measuring up to the competition.

Presented by Casey Gannon, VP of Marketing at Shopgate. 

Originally aired on Wednesday, October 11th @ 12:00 - 12:45 CT.


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