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What's the easiest and most effective way to modernize your eCommerce strategy while increasing customer engagement and retention? The answer is, quite simply, a mobile app. Mobile is the only source of online traffic that continues to grow—and the vast majority of mobile purchases are happening within apps.
If your brand is B2B-focused, it's crucial to understand that B2B buyers have the same shopping expectations as consumers. They want to shop when they want, from which device they want. Most of all, they want the experience to be seamless.
Join BigCommerce and Shopgate as we discuss how to create a bulletproof B2B experience from desktop to mobile—and hear directly from our client, Princess Nail Supply. In this webinar, you'll learn invaluable information, such as:
  • How to understand the modern B2B buyer and their expectations
  • How to use BigCommerce to acquire customers and how to utilize Shopgate to retain them
  • How Shopgate seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce for a no-coding-required app with proven sales results
  • How Princess Nail Supply is winning in B2B with BigCommerce and Shopgate

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