Originally aired on Wednesday, May 24th, 12-12:45 PM CT

Shopgate Product Tour

The Shopgate platform enables retailers to launch beautiful iOS & Android smartphone and tablet apps and a mobile website—all hosted and maintained on a single, all-inclusive platform. But what does the Shopgate platform actually look like? And how can retailers use Shopgate to capitalize on their mobile consumers? 

During the webinar, we discussed:

  • The retail industry's shift towards mobile and 2017 trends so far
  • How Shopgate apps are built and the advantages of being a part of our retailer ecosystem
  • How retailers are leveraging Shopgate to improve customer retention
  • App marketing tips and tricks including acquisition and re-engagement campaigns

Presented by Casey Gannon, VP of Marketing at Shopgate. 

Originally aired on Wednesday, May 24th @ 12:00 - 12:45 CT.


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